Bleecker Street Media is a boutique Internet Marketing Consultancy in Toronto, Canada.  We believe that in the age of being constantly plugged in it is vitally important to keep things simple, functional and focused – and that has always been our motto.

Everybody and their mother has a blog or space online, so why make it complicated? Especially for business owners who already have enough on their plate trying to keep the ship above water.

If you need to get more bang for your buck when it comes to marketing your business online, give us a shout.  For a detailed look at what we can do for your company, see our Services Page.


Our company is located in the center of Toronto’s beating heart – and on any given day it’s possible to look out the window and reveal a plethora of culture.  From young to old, chic to suburban, Malaysian to Italian and everything in between.


The Internet of today is a living, breathing entity on its own – continually being topped-up with opinion, information and virtual snapshots into the lives of it’s creators. As much as we are a becoming a product of the web, it is equally a product of the people.